It’s almost impossible to picture a bride without one of the most iconic bridal accessories- the veil. This classic and gorgeous bridal accessory has been around for centuries and doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon, so if you are a soon-to-be bride, you are probably considering what kind of veil you would like to wear on your wedding day.

Choosing the perfect veil can be a tough task because there are so many different kinds available. In this guide, to aid you in your search, we’ve defined a few of the most popular styles of veil.



The Cathedral veil is the most formal and traditional style of veil, since it extends all the way to the floor and then some. Typically these veils extend even past the train of the wedding dress. One thing to consider before going with this breathtaking veil is that it is a little harder to move around in because of the length, so we recommend either removing it, or having another shorter veil to wear to your reception.


Photo: Jeema Keech Photography

The chapel veil is one of the most traditional and iconic styles of veil, because it falls all the way to the floor and extends only a few inches, unlike the lengthy Cathedral veil. If you want the drama of the Cathedral veil but are worried about being able to walk down the aisle, the Chapel veil would be the perfect style for you!


Photo: Caroline Tran

This veil is named after a dance because you can do just that with it. This shorter style of veil falls between the knee and ankle, but does not reach the floor, making it much easier to move- and dance! This style is also great for brides who have a detailed skirt or train on their wedding dress, since it doesn’t cover the bottom of the dress.


Photo: Melinda Rose Design

You guessed it, this veil extends to the fingertips and is one of the most popular styles of veil today. This is a great choice for any bride who loves the look of  a longer veil, but wants to avoid the restriction of movement that comes with it. Plus, it would transition wonderfully from ceremony to reception, no wardrobe changes necessary! This length of this veil goes really well with ball gown wedding dresses, since it won’t compete with the voluminous skirt.


Photo: Lucy Birkhead Photography

Modern, shoulder-length veils can be the perfect accessory to beautifully frame a bride’s face! This fun and flirty veil is also great if you have a highly detailed and embellished gown, so that the veil doesn’t cover any of the gown’s elegance.


Photo: Michelle Boyd

This traditional Spanish-style veil is a circular veil made of lace or made of tulle with a lace trim. It has a scalloped edge and is either clipped to the bride’s bangs or affixed with a comb. This style frames the bride’s face beautifully in lace and looks best with the hair worn down. We love how feminine and vintage it feels! It’s perfect if you have a boho or vintage vibe at your wedding.


Haley Renee Photography

A birdcage veil is an offbeat choice for brides who want to channel a retro 50s or 60s vibe at their wedding. It is typically a piece of netting that covers only half of the face, leaving your mouth uncovered. It can be affixed with an embellished clip or floral fascinator, adding more glamorous details to your wedding look!

Juliet Cap

This vintage style that was popular in the 1920s and 30s, but has recently surged back into the spotlight because of shows like Downton Abbey. Usually worn flat on the head with plenty of lace, embroidery, and floral detailing, this gorgeous and classic style will bring a sense of romance and timelessness to your wedding.


Photo: Foxandharedesign on Etsy

If you like the tradition of the groom unveiling the bride’s face, then you’ll require a blusher veil, which is simply a veil that covers the bride’s face. These veils vary in length depending on the style that you desire and can be added to any other length of veil if you want a tiered look. We love how soft and romantic this classic veil is!


Bryce Covey Photography

For a more complex and voluminous look, you can combine different lengths of veil. The result is super glamorous and dramatic, and perfect for getting those once-in-a-lifetime wedding shots!

A few tips when deciding on a veil:

  1. Consider the how detailed your dress is. If you have a dress with a lot of embellishments, it might be better to choose a simpler veil, and vice-versa!
  2. If you have a Chapel or Cathedral veil, it’s okay to remove it or change into a shorter veil for your reception. You definitely want to avoid tripping!
  3. Before settling on a veil, picture what your hairstyle and accessories will look like, so you can choose a veil that will go well with them.
  4. Considering accessorizing your veil with a tiara or a flower crown! This is a great way to add more detail and glamour to your wedding look.
  5. Always choose something that goes along with your style and that you love!

We hope our little guide helped you to better navigate the complex (but beautiful!) world of wedding veils!

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