One of the main tenants of wedding tradition is that the bride is the center of attention- no ifs, ands, or buts. Wedding guests wait in quiet anticipation for her to walk down the aisle in all of her bridal brilliance. This makes the wedding dress an incredibly important aspect of the wedding. But why have one breathtaking reveal, when you can have two?

Until recently, brides had only one dress to carry them through the ceremony and reception, but now, many brides are jumping on the trend of having two wedding looks- one for each occasion. There are many reasons why this trend is taking the wedding world by storm. Here are the top five reasons you should consider jumping on the two dress train:

wedding reception dress, designer dress
A lot of brides opt for a shorter dress for the reception so they can really go all-out on the dance floor! Photo: Monique Lhuillier

1. Be a Dancing Queen

Quite often, brides choose very elaborate gowns for the wedding ceremony which may be bulky, restrictive and hard to walk and dance in. This is why some brides have now taken to changing into shorter, looser and less formal attire for their reception. If you’re worried about blending into the crowd, you can still choose a dress in the traditional white and it can be as fancy or as informal as you like! Plus, everybody already knows you’re the bride, and if not, they probably shouldn’t be there!

2. Get Creative

As a bride, the wedding is all about you (and your husband, but mostly you!), so if you feel the traditional white, formal wedding dress doesn’t accurately represent your style and personality, your reception dress can do that job instead! And, as we said before, everyone at the reception already knows who you are, so why not wow them with something truly unique!

The reception dress doesn’t have to follow the rules of traditional wedding wear- choose something to really show off your personality! Photo: Christopher Kane

3. The Double Reveal

As we mentioned before, the bride’s walk down the aisle is probably one of the most important and memorable aspects of the wedding, in part because everyone is so excited to see her dress for the first time. The reception reveal can be just as fun as your guests excitedly wait for you and your new hubby’s dramatic entrance to the dance floor.

4. Party Hard

Wedding receptions almost always include three things: a lot of food, a lot of drinks and a lot of dancing! If you have a highly elaborate and expensive wedding ceremony dress, all of this commotion may cause you anxiety over keeping it pristine and in perfect condition. If you have this worry, it may be a good idea to buy a separate wedding reception look so you can have as much fun as you want, worry-free!

5. Show Off Your Shoes

For all of you shoe-fiends out there, it may be a bummer to spend a long time picking the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding, only to have them covered by your long wedding dress. Well, if you opt for a shorter dress at the reception, your shoes will be the center of attention! An added bonus is that you can choose a whole slew of new, fabulous accessories to match your reception dress!

If these reasons weren’t enough to convince you, check out more of our favorite reception looks:

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