A wedding without flowers is like a cake without frosting- it’s still good, but there is definitely something missing! Choosing the floral arrangements is a huge decision for couples planning their wedding- from size of arrangements, to colors, to flower types, to shapes and even more- there are so many decisions at every step of the process that it can get pretty overwhelming! It may be tempting just to go with the classics- peonies and baby’s breath in safe and familiar pastel tones.

However, this year’s biggest floral trends inspire us to think outside of tradition and fall in love with some beautifully daring floral arrangements. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite trends to give you a bit of inspiration in your own wedding planning process!

1. Anthuriums

Move over proteas, anthuriums are the new statement flower for wedding bouquets in 2018! This tropical flower looks right at home in a boho-themed bouquet or arrangement, especially at a beautiful destination beach wedding! Coming in a variety of sorbet-like colors, this fun flower is a great accent for any bouquet. Even just one will do the trick to brighten up the arrangement by adding new textures! It’s even (almost) shaped like a heart!

Photo: Alchemy Events
Photo: Zosia Zacharia Photography
Florals: Tumbleweed Floral Truck


2. Moody Ultraviolet

Pantone, the undisputed gods of color, chose ultraviolet as the color of the year for 2018, which means we’ll be seeing it pop up everywhere in the months to come. This piercing purple is deep, yet radiant and sets itself apart among the usual pastels found at weddings. It also goes along with the larger trend of darker, moodier shades for wedding florals, which includes purple derivatives like burgundy and maroon! This color would look great at an autumn, or winter wedding and pairs nicely with other purple accents, including bridesmaids dresses.

Photo: Ashley Tingely Photography
Florals: Flower Allie
Florals: The Nature of Things, Fine Flowers and Botanicals


3. Modern & Minimal

Minimalism has been a big wedding trend in general this year, so it’s no surprise that the trend would carry over and include the floral arrangements as well. Your reception tables don’t have to feature giant vases with extravagant bouquets to be memorable- just some green foliage in small, glass cups can make just as big an impression. If you’re going with a more simple style for your wedding dress and wedding party, you might want to consider this trend, so everything fits together and nothing is too overpowering!

Photo: Marisa Albrecht
Photo: Hanna Photography
Florals: Native Poppy


4. Wreaths and Hoops

The circle is a classic symbol of unity and complete-ness, the perfect symbol to represent your new marriage! Not only does this trend create fun and modern decor for your wedding and reception, it can also make a great alternative to a bouquet! You can also have your bridesmaids carry the wreaths while you carry a traditional bouquet if you want to stick more to classic wedding styles. If you are going for a more whimsical and unconventional look for your wedding, this may be the perfect choice!

Photo: Annesage
Photo: Green Wedding Shoes


5. Dainty, Small Bouquets

If you have a highly elaborate dress that you would like to show off, the dainty bouquet is a great choice for your day because it doesn’t cover much of the front of the dress, allowing it to shine and be the center of attention! These bouquets are also lighter to carry and look graceful and flattering on camera. It also falls right in line with the overarching theme of more natural floral arrangements that break away from the popular round, compacted bouquets of the past. This trend is so youthful and looks even better if you choose just one flower to showcase!

Photo: afloral.com
Photo: Love is Blooming

We hope you found some inspiration for your own wedding floral arrangements! If you are still looking for the perfect wedding dress to make your dream wedding a reality, visit the Studio I Do website and browse our incredible selection of designer wedding gowns. You can also book an appointment and visit us at one of our in-store locations in Roanoke and Virginia Beach, Virginia! We would love to help you find the perfect wedding dress!

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