The wedding ring is one of the most classic symbols of matrimony, with the diamond being central to the image of a classic proposal. We all know the tagline “Diamonds Last Forever” and have come to expect that all married women wear a diamond on their ring finger, but, surprisingly, this hasn’t always been the case!
De Beers, a huge diamond company, created that famous tagline and the idea that the diamond is the quintessential symbol of eternal love back in the mid-1900s, when people generally chose more colorful stones to declare their love. Now, it’s hard to believe there are any other choices! It turns out there are a wealth of alternatives to the traditional engagement ring, and we’ve chosen to share a few of our favorite ideas with you!
Whether you’re searching for a more affordable option, or you’re just bored by the idea of having a diamond ring, we’ve got an idea that we think you’ll love!

Lab-Grown Diamonds

If you’re down with the idea of a diamond, but you don’t want to shell out the cash to get one, or you would rather have an ethically-sourced, conflict-free stone, lab-grown diamonds might be the perfect choice for you!

These diamonds are chemically identical to their earth-grown counterparts, meaning nobody will ever know the difference! Plus, they are usually 30-40% cheaper than mined diamonds, meaning you can definitely get a bigger bang for your buck!

Cheaper and ethically-sourced, lab-grown diamonds can be the perfect choice for a couple on a budget- and nobody will tell the difference! (Photo: Brilliant Earth)

Diamond Imitators

Sometimes the cost of diamonds (natural or lab-grown) can prove to be too much for a couple to afford. In this case, there are a ton of other stones that can imitate the gorgeous brilliance and sparkle of a diamond almost perfectly.


Originally discovered on a meteorite in the late 1800s, this shimmery diamond alternative is nearly as dense and hard as a diamond, while having even greater brilliance and fire. The best part about this gorgeous diamond twin, is that it costs 1/10th the price of a diamond of comparable size and quality!

Heavenly moissanite is nearly indistinguishable from diamond at 1/10th the price! (Photo: Kristin Coffin Jewelry)

White Sapphire

Sapphires don’t just come in that royal blue we all know and love- they also come in a crystal clear variety that rivals that of the classic diamond. This alternative is also a great cost-effective alternative to diamonds, and are even cheaper than Moissanite, meaning you can go big while saving your hard-earned cash!

White sapphires make a great alternative to diamonds for cost-conscious couples. With similar durability and shine, nobody will even wonder if you have a diamond or not! (Photo: Studio1040 on Etsy)

Unexpected Stones

Your relationship and engagement is all about you and your significant other and should be a celebration of your unique and beautiful personalities! Why limit yourself to a diamond, or even rubies and sapphires? If you’re down for more unconventional options, try a completely new and unique centerpieces featuring materials like opal, onyx, or a ring featuring dinosaur bone (yes, you read that right)!

Try a gorgeous statement opal ring, if you love a little color! (Photo: Brooke Gregson)
If you love black, a chic, deep onyx ring might suit you well. (Photo: Irene Neuwirth)
This incredible ring is made of real dinosaur bone! Dinosaur bone is way more rare than diamond- and talk about a conversation starter! (Photo: Monique Pean)

Matching Wedding Tattoos

There are few things more permanent in life than tattoos- so why not use them as a symbol for you and your fiance’s undying love? Tattoos are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the wedding ring and for good reason! Not only is it a lot cheaper than a diamond ring and wedding bands, it’s also impossible to lose! You can also choose a symbol that represents you and your partner perfectly- how cute is that? If you’re planning on getting wedding tattoos, just remember to give yourself at least a couple of weeks to heal before your big day!


Forgo the Ring Entirely

Maybe, for some of you, getting an engagement ring was never that important. After all, there are plenty of other thing that money could be used for! Depending on what you and your partner deem meaningful, that money would go towards crafting the perfect wedding ceremony, an incredible honeymoon trip, a down payment on a house you will share, or even a charitable contribution to your favorite cause. It’s your marriage, so you can choose to do what you like! Plus, you can always get a ring later down the road, if you feel you’re missing out!

Imagine taking the trip of your dreams- after all, memories last forever too! (Photo:

We hope you liked our favorite engagement ring alternatives! If you’re newly engaged and still looking for the perfect dress to match your gorgeous ring, visit the Studio I Do website and browse our incredible selection of designer wedding gowns. Then, book an appointment and visit us at one of our in-store locations in Roanoke, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, Virginia! We would love to help bring your wedding dreams to life!


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