Choosing your wedding colors can feel like a daunting task because it is one of the fundamental decisions in the wedding planning process that will determine a lot of your decisions down the line including what your bridesmaids will wear and what your wedding florals will look like, not to mention you’ll see them in your wedding photos for the rest of your life! But don’t stress about it- inspiration for wedding colors can come from anywhere, and one of the easiest places to start is the seasons.

Each season has a distinct mood and color palette to match, which will help you complement the feeling and vibe of your wedding! Just remember, at the end of the day your wedding is all about you and your spouse-to-be, so you should choose colors you both love, regardless of the season!


If you live in a colder climate with snow and ice, then winter can start to feel a bit drab or dull, which makes a winter wedding the perfect pick-me-up! Since many winter weddings must be held at indoor venues, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a truly extravagant space with luxurious colors and a glamorous theme, to make everyone forget about their winter blues! Red is probably the most iconic winter wedding color, because it pops so beautifully against the whiteness of the snow, but there are plenty of other gorgeous combos too try too, including:

White and Silver– nothing screams winter more than the cool tones and twinkly vibe of white with silver details. If you really want to play up the chillness, you can even mix in some icy light blues!


Warm, Earthy Tones– Nothing can inject some warmth into a cold winter ceremony like some deep, earthy colors for your decor! We love the combination of the stark white setting with some deep browns, purples and burgundies!


Blush and Gold– Gold is a classic accent color for glamorous winter weddings and it pairs beautifully with pretty much any other color. We love the gold and blush combo for a winter wedding because the understated blush adds some unexpected touches of softness and warmth, while the gold gives everything a vintage, extravagant vibe!


Spring is a joyful season full of vibrant life, happiness and optimism, making it the perfect time to host a lovely outdoor wedding! Since the season is so lush with life and mild, pleasant weather, pastels and soft shades rule supreme. Spring weddings are often flush with gorgeous florals and foliage that will make wonderful decor and accents, so many choose to build their color choices around these splendid natural palettes. Here are a few of our favorite palettes for spring:

Nostalgia Rose and Natural Green- Nothing screams “Spring Wedding” more than a soft, blush pink color that mimics the florals that pop up at that time of year. We’ve chosen an updated version of blush pink that is this year’s hottest bridesmaid trend: Nostalgia rose. This dusty, moody pink color looks great alongside green, which gives the whole affair a fresh and natural vibe.


Shades of Purple– Nothing evokes richness, luxury and beauty like the color purple! Not to mention that all of the various shades of purple play wonderfully together and evoke a lush floral vibe, perfect for an outdoor spring ceremony!


Peach and Powder– This dainty color combo evokes the freshness of the season by utilizing muted, pastel shades that will give everything a touch of softness and femininity.



Summer is the undisputed wedding season, simply because the mild weather allows for weddings to be held at gorgeous outdoor locations! From barns to beaches, there’s no denying that summer has some of the best venue choices, which can also inspire the color palette you choose. While all of the other seasons may call for more muted, moody colors, summer’s lighthearted, free-spirited vibe means you can play with a ton of vibrant colors that will match the vibe of your event perfectly! Here are some of the best palettes we’ve found:

Tropical Technicolor– Even if your wedding isn’t being held at a fantasy tropical vacation destination, you can evoke a tropical paradise with your choices of bright, fun, saturated colors like bright yellow, fuchsia, kelly green, orchid purple and orange!


Beachy Neutrals– This unassuming color palette is easy, breezy and timeless. A combination of soft neutrals like taupe, beige and white will remind everyone of the beach and the sleek minimalism of an expensive resort. Not to mention this simple palette is chic and elegant, and will easily match any decor you choose.


Navy Blue and Sunny Yellow– Summer is the perfect time for sailing and all kinds of nautical fun, and this vibrant color palette reminds us of the ocean in all the right ways- yellow for sun and blue for sea!



Pumpkin spice, apples, cranberries, changing leaves, family gatherings- There’s a lot to love about fall! Classic fall color palettes pay homage to the harvest vibes by including colors like orange, brown and deep reds, but who says you have to stick to the classics? As the weather begins to chill and the leaves begin to fall, the season takes on a deeper, moodier vibe, which calls for darker and richer color palettes. Here are our favorite fall color palettes:

Copper and Burgundy– The richness of a deep burgundy red reminds us of the changing leaves of fall, while copper accents give the rustic palette a bit of modern flair.


Updated Jewel Tones– You can never go wrong with a gorgeous combination of deep jewel tones that complement the fall mood perfectly, and these updated shades will give your wedding just the right amount of trendy edge.


Berry and Neutrals– There is something incredibly inviting about deep, luscious berry reds that remind us of all the sweet and savory aspects of the autumn seasons. Plus, in the encroaching chilliness of fall, this warm and neutral combo will warm everything up!


We hope these color palettes help to start you off right on your wedding planning journey! If you’re still searching for the perfect wedding dress to bring everything together, visit the Studio I Do website and browse our collection of hundreds of gorgeous, designer wedding dresses, then book an appointment and visit us at one of our in-store locations in Roanoke and Virginia Beach, Virginia! We would love to help you find your dream wedding dress!



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