Following the classic bridal rhyme “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue,” a bride is supposed to gather an item that fulfills each requirement to ensure good luck on her wedding day and throughout her marriage. Originating from an Old English rhyme, each item represents something different: Something old represents continuity, something new represents the hopeful future of the new couple, something borrowed represents borrowing happiness from a married couple, and blue is used to represent fidelity, purity and undying love.

While it’s usually pretty easy to find something, old, something borrowed and something new to fit your wedding day ensemble, blue  can be a little more tricky, especially if it isn’t one of your official wedding colors! But fear not! We’ve chosen 10 of our favorite fun and unique ways to add a bit of blue to your big day, and we hope we kick start your imagination with inspiration for your own wedding!


1. Blue Capes, Sashes, Veils

For a touch of understated blue, add a soft blue sash, cape or veil to your wedding day look. Not only is the soft color romantic and charming, a cape can be the perfect choice for weddings put on during cooler months.

2. Chic Blue Manicure

If you don’t want to go all-out and add something blue that’s too obvious, consider getting a chic blue manicure. A lot of brides go for a neutral blush, nude, or french tip nail, so, while it is a small detail, a blue manicure could really help you stand out!

3. Classic Blue Wedding Shoes

Many brides choose to make their something blue their wedding day shoes, and there’s no shame in that! A gorgeous pair of blue shoes can really elevate your wedding day look, and will stand out against the white of your dress, making all of your guests notice your great taste in heels (or flats)! You can even change into a shorter dress for the reception to really show them off!

4. Bold, Blue Wedding Day Makeup

Wedding day makeup is a huge deal, because you’ll see it for the rest of your life in all of your wedding photos! Add your blue to your makeup for a bold choice that will surely make you stand out! You can do a blue smokey eye, a simple swipe of blue shadow, or go all-out and add blue glitter to your lower lash line for an ultra-glam look!

5. Blue Velvet Ring Box

Carry your rings down in the aisle in style in a gorgeous blue, velvet ring box. Not only would your rings be protected, this would be adorable in photos, and would be a great heirloom to pass to your children (if you have any)!

6. Vintage-Inspired, Blue Bouquet Embellishments

Attach a blue embellishment, like a ribbon or a vintage brooch, to your bouquet for a bit of extra detail! This idea could also potentially count as your something old, or something borrowed, depending on what you choose.

7. Dainty Blue Hair Pins

Elevate your wedding day hair with some dainty and gorgeous hair pins. Fun shapes will add quirky, boho charm while twinkling crystals add just the right touch of sparkle!

8. Put Some (Blue) Pep In Your Step

One of our favorite ideas is having your bridesmaids, family, or friends inscribe supportive messages in blue on the bottom of your wedding day shoes, so you know you’ll be walking on nothing but positivity and love on your wedding day! Plus, it will make your wedding day shoes into a priceless keepsake!

Photo: Amy Arrington Photography

9. Refined Blue Jewelry

Take some inspiration from the newest Duchess, Meghan Markle, and embellish yourself with some incredible blue jewelry to round out your wedding day look! Earings are always a great choice for a bit of glamour, but you can also try a cuff bracelet, or even a bold, blue ring!

10. Blue Aisle Runner

We know that this doesn’t technically satisfy the requirement of having the blue item as a part of your look, but it was just too cute of an idea to resist! If you’re really into blue and want to add some fresh decor to your ceremony space, try adding a blue aisle runner for a pop of color. This works particularly well if blue is already one of your wedding colors!

Photo: Jessmy

Have you decided on what you’re going to do with blue? If you’re still looking for your something new, visit the Studio I Do website and browse our gorgeous selection of designer wedding dresses! Then, book an appointment and visit us at one of our locations in Roanoke and Virginia Beach, Virginia! We would love to help you find your dream wedding dress!


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