Christmas is in five days and we couldn’t be happier! The holiday season is definitely one of the most joyous times of the year, filled with celebrations of all kinds, making it a great time to plan a wedding!

To really get into the holiday spirit, we’ve chosen a selection of truly divine wedding cakes created for winter weddings! From rustic and simple to crisp and modern, we’ve found cakes that will appeal to anyone’s tastes! So if you’re planning a winter wedding, take note! These stunning cakes should give you plenty of ideas for your own wedding!

Modern & Metallic

While there is nothing about this cake that screams “winter,” its cool palette and metallic details would be the perfect accent to a twinkling winter affair!

Photo: AK Cake Design


Antique China-Inspired

We adore how this cake looks like a piece of fine china, complete with intricate painted pictures all over! While, again, there is nothing tying this cake to winter, we love the idea of this cake at a cool, blue, vintage-inspired wedding!

Photo: Baked Ideas


A Pile O’ Berries

Winter berries can be one of the best decorating options to use during a winter wedding- they’re simple with a rustic, natural vibe and provide a tremendous pop of color! A few berries make this simple, white cake stand out!

Photo: Danfredo Photos & Film


Sweet Lil’ Lovebirds

There is nothing sweeter than this artful cake that features a couple of lovebirds among some winter branches with eye-popping red berries to as an accent! We love how simple, yet gorgeous this splendid creation is!

Photo: Floralilie Sugar Arts


Ruffled, Snowy Surprise

This super cool cake has a textured, ruffled effect that looks like carved up snow, making it the perfect choice for your upscale winter event!

Photo: Heather Payne Photography


Simply Velvet

This simple, little wedding cake gets dressed up with a luxurious velvet ribbon and some winter-inspired florals. We love that something so minimalist can still look so incredible!

Photo: Landon Jacob


Sculpted Florals

If your winter wedding is on the cusp of spring, ring in the new season with a cake featuring a ton of intricate, sculpted florals! This cake has so many, it looks like a piece of art! Plus, the monochromatic  white makes it look so modern and chic!

Photo: Monika Graff/Getty Images News/Getty Images


Plenty of Pine Cones

One of winter’s most iconic symbols in the pine cone! Bring some of the winter into your reception with a cake that features them all over. It looks so natural with evergreen branches and some winter berries!

Photo: Olivia Leigh Photographie


Nearly Naked

This naked, spiced cake would be perfect for a rustic, winter wedding. We love how the fruit all-over looks frosted and frozen, as if they were plucked straight out of the winter wilderness and placed on your cake!

Photo: Sheradee Hurst Photography


Antler Accessories

Embellish your cake with (rein)deer antlers for a whimsical touch that definitely feels wintery! We love this all-white cake because it’s so elegant!

Photo: Sugar Couture


Beautiful Birch Branches

This incredible, sculpted cake mimics the gorgeous look of bare birch branches, giving the cake a natural, winter, forest vibe! If you’re planning a woodsy wedding, this sort of cake would match perfectly!

Photo: Yasu & Junko

We hope these gorgeous wedding cakes get you as excited for winter as we are! If you’re still looking for the perfect wedding dress, visit the Studio I Do website and browse our extensive collections of designer wedding dresses. Then, book an appointment and visit us in-store at one of our locations in Roanoke or Virginia Beach, Virginia! We would love to help you find your dream wedding dress!

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