Everyone knows that Spring and Summer reign supreme as the top seasons for weddings because everyone wants a gorgeous outdoor affair complete with a ton of florals and warm, sunny vibes. And while Spring and Summer do make for some truly unforgettable weddings, winter is often overlooked as an equally good option. There are so many opportunities for cozy and whimsical details that make a winter wedding truly feel special and magical!

We’ve come up with a few of our favorite ideas for winter weddings to help inspire you to consider planning a wedding during the chiller months of the year. Check them out below!

Warm Wedding Dresses

When planning a winter wedding, you’ll want to choose a wedding dress that not only looks good and expresses your personality, but will also keep you warm in the colder weather! There are two wedding dress details that are especially good for this- long sleeves and full, layered skirts! We’ve chosen a few dreamy dresses that would be great options for a winter ceremony:

Bold Bridesmaids

While Spring and Summer are great seasons for light, pastel colors, winter pairs well with deeper, bolder tones that will pop beautifully against a snowy backdrop! Try dressing your bridesmaids in navy, maroon and a jewel-inspired purple- They would look amazing with some evergreen decor!


Cozy Blankets

One of the best aspects of winter is being able to bundle up in a warm blanket as the cold weather rages outside. Gift this cozy touch to your guests by offering them some blankets to warm up at your ceremony. This is an especially great idea, and might even be essential, if you’re holding an outdoor ceremony! You can even get some custom blankets made for you and your new spouse!

Hot Drinks

Hot drinks to warm the soul are a winter staple, so they would also make great refreshments at your winter wedding! Your signature cocktail could be the warm and cinnamon-y hot toddy, and you can serve everyone some delicious hot cocoa from a charming cart or a bar for them to add custom toppings and flavors.

Touches of Velvet

Velvet is such a luxurious material and its softness and warmth makes it a great addition to any winter wedding! Try adding velvet ribbons to your invites for a touch of splendor, or a velvet tablecloth for a trendy, modern look. Even the groom can get in on the winter theme by wearing a velvet jacket with his tux- so chic!

Evergreen Greenery

Ditch the pastel flowers for your winter wedding and bring the bounty of the season’s most iconic nature to your event by using evergreen and pine as your florals, table details, and even your ceremony decor! Not only will they look great and bring that magical, winter vibe to your wedding, but they also smell amazing!

Snowy Portraits

Nothing screams “winter” like snow, and there is always something so serene and magical about freshly falling snow. Capturing that magic with some whimsical wedding photos amid the falling snow would be the absolutely perfect way to remember your winter wedding! I mean, just look at these portraits we found!

Wood Details

Chopped firewood instantly brings to mind the coziness and warmth of curling up in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace, so why not channel that comfort with some wood details at your reception? We love the idea of a wood-inspired cake and some stacked firewood that act as the guests’ escort cards!

(Faux) Furs

Fur (real or not!) is one of the most iconic looks for winter, and it’s so luxurious too! If you’re looking for the perfect way to cover up in the cold on your wedding day, consider finding some sort of fur stole, wrap, or jacket. Not only will you surely be warm, but it will also look amazing in your wedding photos!

Trendy Cover-Ups

Fur isn’t the only choice you have to keep the cold at bay on your big day, there are a ton of new and trendy ways winter brides have been choosing to wear at their weddings, including beaded capes, leather jackets and fuzzy ponchos! These modern cover-up ideas are a fun way for brides to spice up their winter wedding day looks, and would also look great on their bridesmaids!

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