Bridesmaids help the bride so much through every step of the wedding process, from helping you to choose the perfect dress to assisting with setup at the venue on the day of the wedding. Yes, your bridesmaids have been through it all! It’s only natural that you would want to give each of your bridesmaids the perfect gifts to thank them for all of their help (and for dealing with you and all of the emotions involved with being a bride!).

These days, there are so many great ideas for creative and thoughtful bridesmaids gifts, but it can definitely be tough to know where to start looking to find a gift that isn’t a total cliche. We’ve done a bit of brainstorming and came up with a few of our favorite ideas for gifts that your bridesmaids will not only love, but will either use it again, or treasure it forever! Check out our favorite ideas below:

Disposable Camera

Everyone has a cell phone with an amazing camera these days, which means that everyone can be a photographer and photos of special events are plentiful. While phone cameras are super convenient and good quality, nothing can quite beat the old school charm of a disposable camera. If you give one to each of your bridesmaids, they can create their own classic memories of your wedding and experience the fun and anticipation of waiting to see how all of the photos turn out. You never know what gems await!

Custom Art Print

There is something so touching and heartwarming about receiving a piece of art specifically geared toward you and your interests/tastes. Whether it be a custom illustration of you and the bride, or a print with a cute slogan that speaks to your aesthetic, everyone can appreciate a good piece of art. Once it’s hung up, it will become a lasting memory that will always bring the joy of your wedding to mind when they look at it!

Left- Melsy’s Illustrations, Right- Rifle Paper Co.

Comfy, Floral Robes

We know, robes are a bit cliche of a bridesmaid gift, but we just couldn’t resist how cute and comfy these flowy, silky, floral robes looked! Imagine how cute it would be if everyone wore these to get ready before the wedding- the photos would be so adorable! Plus, you can always choose a color combination to suit each of your friends’ styles, which will make the photos even more memorable. And they can definitely be worn again and again!

Left & Right- BHLDN

Personalized Luggage Tag

If you’re having a destination wedding that requires all of your bridesmaids to travel, a custom luggage tag would be such a chic and memorable gift to welcome them to your wedding! Plus, a monogrammed luggage tag is one of the most useful gifts we could think of because who wouldn’t use one if it was gifted to them? It’s a win-win all around- making memories of spectacular weddings abroad, while also labelling luggage in a unique and stylish way.

Left- Matches Fashion, Right- MyWedding

Champagne Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Staying on the theme of travel- if you and your bridesmaids always liked to go out together, give them the funny, good-spirited gift of a carry-on cocktail they can enjoy on their flight to your wedding! Not only will they appreciate not having to pay extra for an in-flight beverage, it will also get them thinking about all of the good toasts that will be made at your wedding!

bridesmaids gift ideas 2019 studio i do champagne flight mixed drink kit


Dainty, Personalized Jewelry

Dainty, understated jewelry is such a trend right now, so giving your bridesmaids some pieces, like a bracelet or ring, that are personalized with their initials is such a cute idea that they’re sure to love and keep wearing long after your vows have been said. You can even engrave each piece with the day of your ceremony, so they will always remember the day they got to be your bridesmaids, which is such a heartwarming detail!

Left- SNDJ via Etsy, Right- Vrai & Oro

Trendy, Personalized, Quartz Coasters

Everyone needs coasters, which makes this gift a great idea already! Now make them gorgeous, gold-rimmed, quartz coasters that are inscribed with your bridesmaids’ initials and it’s even better! Quartz is everywhere now, so it’s such a trendy gift idea, and we’re sure your bridesmaids will love the personalized touch of their initial!

bridesmaids gift ideas 2019 studio i do personalized quartz coasters


Adorable Umbrella for a Rainy Day Wedding

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in the spring or summer, there is always a chance that a rainy forecast might crash your ceremony. If it starts looking like rain might be a part of the plan, gift your bridesmaids some adorable, matching umbrellas to help keep them dry while on your wedding day. Not only will they definitely be able to use this after your big day, but they will also make for a cute photo prop that will immortalize your rainy ceremony forever!

bridesmaids gift ideas 2019 studio i do cute umbrella rainy wedding


Uplifting Compact Mirror

Even if you have some bridesmaids that don’t wear a ton of makeup, compact mirrors are a great tool to keep in your bag, just in case you need to touch anything up or are afriad you have something stuck in your teeth (we’ve all been there!). So the gift of a chic, compact mirror with an uplifting slogan emblazoned on it will be a gift that brings a smile to your bridesmaids’ faces again and again! You could also personalize them with a different message for each maid for an extra-special touch.

bridesmaids gift ideas 2019 studio i do cute compact mirror makeup

The Knot Shop

Cheeky Slogan Handkerchief

We all know that tears tend to flow freely at wedding ceremonies, so get clever and give the gift of a handkerchief with a cheeky slogan that your bridesmaids can use to wipe their tears while you say your “I Dos.” This would also make a great addition to any wedding scrapbook because it’s just so darn cute!

Left- Boldfaced, Right- Wedding Token

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