As we discussed before in our other posts covering this fun wedding tradition, the old bridal rhyme “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue” details the items a bride should have on her wedding day to ensure good luck and longevity in her new marriage. Traditionally, you would get your “Something Borrowed” from a happy couple that means a lot to you so that you can “borrow” a little bit of their happiness on your big day and hopefully throughout the rest of your marriage!

While “Something Old” and “Something Borrowed” can usually overlap, sometimes you have already have your “Something Old” and it’s something that was given to you, or is a vintage piece you bought for the occasion and can’t be considered “borrowed.” If you’re scratching your head trying to come up with a fun idea for your “Something Borrowed,” check out some of our favorite ideas below!

Signature Cocktail Recipe

If one of your friends or siblings or family members can make a delicious drink, your something borrowed can be their recipe! We especially like this idea because everyone can partake in your “Something Borrowed,” which will make for some great memories! (Plus, I’m sure whoever you borrow the recipe from will feel really special!)

The Dress or Veil

Okay, this one seems so obvious because it is! If your mom or grandma has a wedding dress you LOVE, then wearing it at your wedding day would be a great idea and would make for some really heartwarming feelings and photos! If the whole dress just isn’t your thing, you could even borrow a portion of it, like a bit of lace to wrap around your bouquet, or the buttons. Same with the veil! A veil from a family member might just be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day look!

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The Cake Topper

The cake topper is honestly something we didn’t even consider, but we LOVE this idea! If your parents or grandparents kept their cake topper from their wedding, it would be the perfect little touch to add to your wedding cake. Plus, vintage/retro style has been such a trend for weddings that your borrowed cake topper will be super cute and memorable!

Source: Adrienne Page

A Line of Poetry or Literature

If you’re writing your own vows and want to make them as meaningful and memorable as possible, then a good idea might be to borrow a romantic line from a favorite book or poem that would help you to better express your undying love for your soon-to-be-spouse. This is an especially great idea if it’s a well-known fact that you love to read and have a deep connection to who you are borrowing the lines from because it adds more of a personal layer to it!

Heirloom Champagne Flutes

Do couples spend a lot of time considering what the champagne flutes for their toast will look like? We feel like it’s something nobody ever talks about, even though it’s a great opportunity to add some meaningful detail to your reception by using the same flutes a couple you are close to also used to toast their lifelong love!

First Dance Song

If you and your future spouse are struggling to come up with a song for your first dance that means a lot to both of you, then consider borrowing a song that was used at a friend or family member’s wedding. Not only is it probably a perfectly good song, if that couple is there, it will lead them to remember their own first dance and there will be good feelings flowing all around!

Source: Sara Lobla

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