Having a seating chart or escort cards to help guests find their seats at your reception is absolutely essential to ensure that everything runs smoothly, but it’s probably not the most important thing on your mind when planning your wedding. While serving a practical purpose, the seating chart or escort card display can also add a ton of charm, or even become a memorable feature at your reception, so it’s definitely something you should put some thought into!

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your own seating chart or escort cards, check out a few of our favorite ideas that we think are super unique and creative, and can definitely help to add some splendor to your reception! Check out our 21 favorite seating chart and escort card ideas below:

1. Phases of the Moon Chart

Give your seating chart a whimsical feel by assigning tables on cards made to look like the phases of the moon. This is also a simple enough idea that you could make it yourself!

Photo: Addison Jones Photography

2. Charming Keychains

Have your escort cards double as a cute favor by attaching them to keychains that are symbolic to you and your new spouse!

Photo: Amy & Jordan via Martha Stewart Weddings

3. Summery Surfboard Seating Chart

If you’re hosting a tropical-themed, summer wedding (maybe even at the beach!) then adding your seating chart to a surfboard would be the perfect way to add more beachy vibes to your reception!

Photo: Anna Kim Photography

4. Shimmery Shot Glasses

Help your guests get to their seats with escort cards attached to shot glasses they can keep as a favor. A shot should be encouraged to get everyone in the dancing spirit!

Photo: Bryce Covey Photography

5. Fancy Tiles

Create a mosaic of posh tiles caligraphied with your guests names that will not only create a beautiful display, but will double as a memorable keepsake for guests!

Photo: Christy Wilson Photography

6. A Tiny Zoo

To give your reception a wild, jungle vibe, attach each escort card to a tiny animal figurine that corresponds to what table each guest will be sitting at! Guests will be delighted by this inexpensive and easy, yet super unique idea!

Photo: Gary Ashley for Les Loups

7. Twinkling, Copper Bells

Have your escort cards double as chic noisemakers by attaching each one to a cute, copper bell! Encourage guests to ring them as you depart your reception for the night for a fancy sendoff.

Photo: Jen Fariello Photography

8. Tropical Leaves

Add more tropical vacation vibes to your destination reception by escorting your guests to their tables with vibrant cards made to look like tropical leaves!

Photo: Jillian Mitchell Photography

9. Pretty, Pressed Botanicals

If you and your spouse really love gardening and natural greenery, bring that passion to your reception with framed, pressed botanicals that double as escort cards that guests can take home at the end of the night!

Photo: Jose Villa

10. Posh Drink Flags

Kill two birds with one stone by handing out drink glasses with escort card flags that will help guests to find their seat, and keep track of their cups!

Photo: Katie Stoops Photography

11. Rustic Window Display

Add charm to your rustic, outdoor reception with a window that features your guest seating chart! This idea is also simple enough for anyone to DIY!

Photo: Kevin Klein

12. Little Potted Plants

If you’re going for a lush garden theme, then escorting guests to their tables with a little plant that doubles as their favor is a cute idea that your guests will love!

Photo: Lauren Fair Photography

13. Miniature Vases

Add a hint of romance to your guests’ escorts by attaching their escort cards to little vases with charming flowers that they can keep at the end of the night!

Photo: Merari Photography

14. Striking Citrus

For a vibrant, summery reception, try attaching your escort cards to pieces of perfectly ripe citrus that your guests can enjoy throughout the party.

Photo: Paige Jones Photography

15. Perfect Paper Flowers

Add a hit of cheerful preppiness to a fresh, spring or summer reception with colorful, paper flower escort cards that will absolutely delight your guests!

Photo: Patricia Lyons Photography

16. Adorable Instruments

If you and your spouse are music lovers, attach your escort cards to some adorable, miniature instruments that can double as favors and noisemakers for your big sendoff!

Photo: Peer Johnson

17. Artful, Ombré Display

Create a striking, artistic display by arranging paint sample cards with guest names in a beautiful spectrum.

Photo: Rachel Marie Photographie

18. Luxurious Luggage Tags

Help your guests “travel” to the proper table by putting their escort cards into luggage tags that they can keep!


Photo: Shelly Anderson Photography

19. Tiny Trinket Boxes

Add your guests’ names onto a tiny keepsake in a box that will help them find their seats and act as a cute souvenir from your wedding! This would pair perfectly with weddings going for a vintage vibe!

Photo: Stefano Stantucci

20. Magical Mirror Display

Add your seating charts to a magical display of posh, framed mirrors that will really charm your guests as they search for their seating assignment!

Photo: Sylvie Gil Photography

21. Beautiful Bottles

Your escort cards can double as a refreshing beverage at a steamy, summer reception by creating a display of bottles with custom labels that will help your guests find their seats!

Photo: Wild Whim Design and Photography

Did you find an idea that you love? We hope so!

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