If you recently got engaged, you’re probably eager to start searching for your dream wedding dress! There are so many types of wedding dresses in all different materials, colors, and styles, so it can be hard to know where to begin. If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your bridal gown dreams, you can always turn to one big cue to help you decide: the season!

The season you decide to get married in can have a big effect on the type of wedding dress you should look for. If you’re getting married in the summer, you probably want to avoid dresses with bulky skirts and heavy fabrics that might overheat you on a hot summer day. Likewise, a light and sheer dress might not be the best choice for a chilly fall or winter affair!

We compiled all of our tips for the wedding dresses you might want to wear during each season, along with some examples from the latest bridal collections. You can view all of these dresses and more on the Studio I Do website!


Ah, spring- one of the most popular wedding seasons! Spring is the season where the world is coming back to life in the form of beautiful blooms, so it’s only natural that some of that liveliness should be reflected on on your wedding dress as well, in the form of gorgeous, 3D floral appliques and floral lace! Also, since the weather is warming up, we would recommend choosing a wedding dress with more lightweight fabrics that have some flow like organza, crepe, tulle and sheer lace. Bare necklines and illusion details also make great additions to a spring wedding dress.


Summer is another popular wedding season because it’s easy to hold outdoor events during this warm and sunny time of year! If your main concern is to beat the heat, then we recommend sleek, lightweight, sheath wedding dresses that won’t bog you down. Halter necklines allow for a dramatic, open back, and details like cutouts and leg slits will help you to keep your cool! If you’re a bohemian bride searching for a laid-back, unconventional wedding gown, summer is definitely your time to shine! Some brides even opt for a short wedding dress if they’re going all in with the summer theme.


With the chill weather and changing leaves (depending on where you live), fall can definitely be a breathtaking and romantic season. Because of the season’s warm palette, a fall wedding dress can incorporate some color- like off whites and blushes- that complement the season beautifully. Shimmering, gold details can also accent the spirit of fall well, while also adding some glamour! Because the weather is cooling down, you can go for dresses with ultra-full skirts that are made from heavier materials like silk, brocade, and layered tulle.


When most people imagine winter, they imagine the bright, sparkling white of freshly-fallen snow. If you live in an icy region, a winter wedding amidst snow can be one of the most gorgeous and glamorous events! Take a cue from the white of the season by opting for a bright, white wedding gown! Silver accents also look amazing against the bright white of your dress and the surrounding weather. Wedding dresses with dramatic ballgown silhouettes and sleeves would both be appropriate for a winter affair, while materials like mikado, brocade, satin and velvet will help to keep you warm!

We hope that helped to narrow down your choices in your search for the perfect wedding dress! Are you looking for even more amazing wedding gowns? Visit the Studio I Do website and browse our extensive collection of designer wedding dresses! Then, book an appointment and visit us at one of our in-store locations in Virginia Beach or Roanoke, Viriginia! We would love to help you make your winter wedding fantasy a reality!

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