There are so many sentimental moments on the day of your wedding, from your vows to your first dance to your celebratory exit as a married couple! But it is SO important to be able to have things from that day that you can take into the rest of your life.

These days, there are so many fun and creative ways to take moments from your day and have them preserved forever. So we are here to give you some unique ideas for a guestbook that will not only wow your guests on the day-of, but will be something special to cherish forever!

Polaroid Guestbook

This has been a fan favorite recently among brides! Some brides will set up a booth while others invite personal self-expression, both being a crowd-pleaser for guests. The polaroid guestbook is a great way to not only get a sweet message from your guests, but a snapshot moment of friends and family from your day. So let’s face it, a polaroid guestbook is DOUBLE the fun and extra sweet to look through no matter how much time has passed.

By SoulSistersMisters2

Guestbook Quilt

The guestbook quilt can either be ready to cover you in warmth after signed by guests or remain as individual squares that will be stitched together after the nuptials are made! Regardless, who doesn’t love a guestbook that is not only on display to read, but can also serve as some extra warmth when you need it! With this guestbook, date night on the couch becomes a little more cozy and a little more sentimental.

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This next guestbook is a classic. Let’s face it, once you receive your wedding photos, the engagement photos might get left behind. This is the perfect guestbook idea to bring your engagement pictures into your wedding day and beyond. A photo book with sweet Congratulations and pictures from the time in your life when your wedding day seemed like it was just never going to get here is perfect for any coffee table or book shelf to read and look through any day of the week!

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Jenga Guestbook

What could be more fun than a guestbook that doubles as a game?? This next guestbook idea is for the game night-loving bride! We love the idea of having Jenga pieces for guests to sign as they arrive for your big day. A fun night in just got a little more sentimental.

Ginger Ray

Cornhole Guestbook

If your Saturdays are full of football and team spirit, this next idea was made for you! Cornhole! Maybe you personalize yours with your new last name or your favorite team’s mascot. Not only would it be something you and your spouse can have fun doing together, it could create some fun conversations or bring you to memories of that day! Oh, and your guests would have a ball during cocktail hour!

Holly Anna Calligraphy

Wood Cut-Out Guestbook

This next idea is by far the most versatile! Once you land on wanting a wood cut-out guestbook, the possibilities are still endless. The cut-out could be the state you met in, the first letter of your new last name or an asymmetrical wooden slab that would look perfect above your breakfast table. This option definitely shows off your personal style and is an easy transition from wedding day to everyday.

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Globe Guestbook

This one is for all you travel junkies out there! A painted globe signed by all of your guests is not only a great idea, it’s perfect for wedding day decor. Many couples add a sweet saying to their globes like “Our Greatest Adventure” and “Because You Mean The World To Us.” And hey, if you love to travel, you could pick someone that was at your big day, see where they signed, and there’s your next adventure!

Hand lettered by Handmade Darling

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